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Stellar Links

  The Star Lady BLOG  http://thestarlady.wordpress.com  
  The Business of Show Business Silver Award   Business Directory:  Thehall.net is a new way to share business information  
Express Yourself!™ Radio at Voice America Kids - Where teens talk and the world listens
ExpressYourself!™ Creative Community from Be the Star You Are!®
Be the Star You Are!® for TEENS book - Simple Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning, and Leading
  Voice America Empowerment Channel with Cynthia Brian & Heather Brittany   Starstyle Radio - archives, descriptions, photos, downloads with the "Oprah of the Airwaves": Cynthia Brian  
  Francine Silverman - Author, Newsletter Publisher   Your Life Magazine - Reading for Women with Real Lives  
  Christine Louise Hohlbaum - Parenting Humorist Author   World Talk Radio  
  Libby Gill - Business Coach - Lecturer, Author of "Traveling Hopefully"   Leisure Talk Radio  
  C. Hope Clark - Author, Editor, Speaker   WPMD Radio  
  Jill Murphy Long - Author, Speaker, Writing Instructor, Certified Yoga
  CastNet - The #1 Casting Agency for British Actors & Agents  
  Jennifer Moore - freelance writer, editor, proofreader   Have a party and support Be the Star You Are!™  
  Betty Dobson - Writer, Editor, Publisher   The Obsessed Writers Group - Ideas, Resources & Support for Writers  
  Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff - Author, Freelance Ghostwriter/Editor, Speaker   Bob Spear - Book Packager, Editor, Designer, Marketing Consultant & Copywriter, and Writer  
  Karen Kalbacher - Sketch Artist, Painter, Author   Bob Spear - Publisher and Chief Reviewer, Heartland Reviews  
  Rick Sawyer - Writer/Advertising, Literary, Entertainment   Dotsie Bregel - Boomer Women Speak, Friends Healing Friends  
  Linda Oatman High - Author, Speaker, Teacher of Writing Workshops, Songwriter   Kids Can Do It - A Fun Web Site Empowering Youth  
  Young Adult Fiction with a Twist by Celise Downs - For teens ages 13-18   Jason Smith - Fine and Unique Custom Furniture, Handcrafted by Creative Woodworking  
  Heather Brittany - Actor, TV/Radio Personality, Speaker, Writer, Chef   Good News Broadcast - fostering what's positive in the world  
  Shirley Hailstock - Author, Speaker, Former President of Romance Writers of America   Allyn Evans - Writer, Speaker, Website Founder   
  Joanne Kerzmann-Troppello - Mystery & Romance Author
  Judith Woolcock Colombo - Author of The Fablesinger & Night Crimes  
  Erica Miner, Author of Travels With My Lovers, Top-rated Lecturer
  Sue Glasco - Author on rural family life, Speaker; Researcher of the Trail of Tears  
  Charles Ehin - author, speaker, and professor of management   Lillie Ammann, Freelance Writer & Editor, author of Stroke of Luck  
  Shirley Cheng - inspiring blind and physically disabled
22-year-old author of three books
  Captain Ed Owen - Author of This Is Your Captain, Speaking  
  Earnest Mercer -- also see Authors Den, Blog Spot   Darlene Pitts - Inspirational Photographer, Intuitive Consultant, Author of Discover Your Intuition  
  Patrika Vaughn - your Author's Advocate - offering help to writers from concept through successful publication   Explore Talent Casting - Models, actors, actresses, movie auditions, casting  
  Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and James Sniechowski, Ph.D. - Relationship Authors, Speakers, Workshop Leaders/Trainers, TV/Radio Experts   e-Construct.net - Design Construction Directory  
  Terry Kay - author   Brenda Weber - author  
  Selena Robins - Author of "Sabrina's Destiny", short stories and
children's books
  Children at Risk for Autism Charity - proceeds "Pippy's Wish" benefit this charity  
  Clyde Wallace - Futon Covers and Papasan Covers at Affordable Prices   Dotsie Bregel - hear what baby boomer women have to say  
  Information About Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Web Design    Dallas Nicole Woodburn, Author, Speaker, TV/Radio Personality, regular "Teen Talk" columnist for Family Circle magazine, founder of "Write On!" nonprofit literacy organization  
  Tickle U at the Cartoon Network bringing more laughter and humor into the lives of kids   Hero Dog Publications is dedicated to publishing books that promote the Human/Canine Bond: "Our dogs go on working long after their stories have been told."   
  Learn what you won't be taught in a classroom! "Cool Stuff" Media
with Kent and Kyle Healy is what you NEED to know to succeed in the real world. 
  Nicola Allard Writer's Success-writing classes, newsletters and help for writers   
  Denise Cassino's Long Story Short School of Writing   Elaine Helle, Laughter Yoga Facilitator, Positive Energy. Connection. Creativity.  
  Helping Hand Services - Uniting the World through Web Design     Cheerful Givers brightens the lives of families in need by providing
toy-filled birthday bags for homeless and poor children
  The Reading Tub - book reviews for children, turning a page, opening the world   World Internet Radio Network  
  Motivational Speaker Michael J Herman    Bill Borchert, Author, THE LOIS WILSON STORY: WHEN LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH, The Biography of the Cofounder of Al-Anon   
  Rachelle Arlin Credo, Stories and poetry of a Filipina writer in the Phillippines   Home Gardening Tips  
  Joan Wester Anderson - true stories of angel activity and miraculous happenings   Achieve Radio - broadcasting into the future  
  Moms Radio Network - We're listening.   HeavenLetters.org - A lighthouse of inspiration  
  New World Talent - resource for Actors and Models, including coaches, schools, agents    Zepti.org Search Engine  
  Armand Cabrera - Award-Winning Fine Artist and Painting Instructor   Diane Burket - Voice-Over Actor for Commercials, Industrials, Radio & Internet, also exclusive Artist Agent for Armand Cabrera  
  Kim Bloomer - co-author of Whole Health for Happy Dogs.  Also visit her Online Dog Expo, Pet Health blog, and Online Radio Show   Kim Carlson - webmaster for Star-Style.com  
  Shvoong - Books, Summaries, Reviews, Essays & Abstracts   Gary Spatz, talent manager  
  Rosemarie Piemonte - romance/thriller author of Falling Roses   Dr. Beth Halbert - Child Psychologist, Parent/Teen Expert, Author, Speaker, Radio Personality, Song Writer/Producer, National Teleconference Leader  
  Compassionate Parenting - non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), assisting families to develop stronger connections and to help teens and parents step into their greatness    BookHitch.com - Resource for authors and publishers  
  Devon Harris - Original member of the Jamaican bobsled team, 3 time Olympian, motivational speaker, author   Anita Halcyon - Chief Purpose Catalyst at WorkPassion Enterprises, Inc.  
  Karen Kruse - Author, Writer, Speaker, Lecturer   Sandra Pedregal - Co-host of Pet Talk with Mr. G, language lecturer, writer, business owner The Adventurous Gourmet, Tequila tasting instructor, interpreter, translator, dance instructor  
  Mr. G Greñas - (Silent) Host. lovable pet, radio personality and overall ham   The Adventurous Gourmet   
  Vicki Craig - author, attorney, survivor, spokesperson -- WANTED: Letters To God   Ken Bossone - Join the exciting World Positive Thinkers Club  
  Carolyn Howard-Johnson - The Frugal Book Promoter - How to do what your publisher won't    Carolyn Howard-Johnson - The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success  
  American Freedom Group, Inc. - sponsor of our essay contest   WomenSpeak.com - a wealth of resources about Health and Wellness, Relationships, Finances and Aging for courageous women  
  Adra Young - Performing arts skills for actors age 7 through 18   Bernie Siegel, MD - surgeon, author, counselor for people facing illness who want to heal their lives and help cure their disease  
  Judy Azar LeBlanc - Award Winning Author    The Psalms Project, by the Riverside Arts Guild - a recording of spoken word selections from the biblical Psalms  
  Interior Decorating Ideas & Tips - If you’re interested in renovating or redecorating your home, what you’ll need are some great home decorating ideas   Fine Art Gallery - enabling customers and artists to buy and sell art   
  Divine Diva Delights - Bath and body products plus quotes and interviews from inspiring women    The Dabbling Mum - tips, writing tools, and paying markets for writers  
  Wilson Productions - independent positive media endeavors for personal empowerment   Articles about the Future - Trendirama.com - the fastest-growing community of amateur writers and authors expressing their views of The Future online  
  Stacy Hawkins Adams - Writing & Speaking to Inspire Your Soul   Jack Morris - Free Greeting Cards  
  Buy And Sell Books - Sell books to online book buyers. Premium prices for the widest variety of new and used books with a simple price quote and free shipping book buyback process.   Quotes and Art Project - Send in quotes and original drawings to be published to benefit Be the Star You Are!  
  eMindful Online Classes - Live Teachers, Real Time Answers   Art for the Soul Retreats - Art, music, writing, ideas, and photography classes in the beautiful Rockies in Steamboat Springs, Colorado  
  Kathe Gogolewski - award winning author of fiction for both children and adults, and publishes The Fiction Flyer, a free ezine for writers.   Igot2Know.com - helping youth succeed in life through on-line video  
  Friendship Day Cards, Smiling Greetings, Summer Cards, and Holiday Cards   MySpace Everyday Comments  
  Voice America Radio: Internet Talk Radio - Internet Streaming Media Broadcasting - Internet Radio Station from Voice America   By For and About Women Radio - sharing the voice of women everywhere   
  Cathe Gogolewski and Tri Studio Books, LLC - Books and Short Stories for Children and Adults   DREAMWalker Group - Free promotional opportunities for writers/authors, artists, and other creatives   
  Be your own publicist with Presskit 24/7   Maya Rodale - author of romance and non fiction   
  Heart Book Series with Sheryl Roush - Heartfelt touching stories for women by women including Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany    Peoplejam - Live, Love, Earn, Believe, Play on Peoplejam, a site for inspiration, motivation, and life coaching    
  Novalearn - fiction writing, resume writing, letter writing, business writing, and writing software of every type to improve your writing at affordable prices   Ladies Success Magazine - Inner Health and Outer Beauty  
  Authors Coalition Speakers Page   KARMONY KLUTCHES™ - One of a kind hand-made hand bags created with vintage fabrics, baubles, beads, bangles, and gems   
  The Energi Connection - information on acupuncture and balancing energy   

Resources for moms - JustForMoms.com 

  The Reading Tub - reviews of children’s books, many by Be the Star You Are!® teens   GoodNewsBroadcast.com - all positive news   
  Guy Finley - Helping others grow higher through life of learning   Help for Family Caregivers - Basic, Practical, Indispensable  
  Taproot, Inc. - Educating through the arts   PENCILS - A Proofreading & Copyediting Company™  
  Listening with Heart 360 - The New Paradigm for Women   Jerry Hunsinger's Tales of the Vikings  
  Sewing Contractors - Contract sewing of Computer Bags, Backpacks, Promotional Bags and more   Sell rare books - Buy and sell rare and old books at Book stock  
      Usborne Books - award winning books for kids where 30% of profits benefit Be the Star You Are!® when you click on Be the Star You Are!® in upper right.  
  Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog is a true story about a dachshund who inspires young and young at heart to face adversity with a positive attitude   Doug Dvorak - Motivational Humorous Speaker speaks across America!  
  Aurea McGarry - Author, TV Host, Speaker: A Ray of Hope for Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Success   Daryl Wizelman - Motivational speaker and consultant  
  Jacques Louis David   Free online music radio - listen to live music with Relish Radio  
  Greg Kolodziejzvy - professional motivational speaker      
  Distinguished Guests - special guests from Starstyle-Be the Star You Are! radio   Reading SPELLS Success Audio Program - Listen to voice actors read books for children  
Billi Lee - International Keynote Speaker!  Speaker, columnist, author and creator of "Success Savvy" seminars, Billi Lee's worldwide following credits her insights and savvy strategies for many of their career successes!    
  Female motivational speaker - Cynthia NimerichterLearn the Delicious TheoryT and live the life you want to live, the life you are meant to live!  
  Humorous Motivational Speaker - Billy Riggs, M. Div., MRE.  Humorous motivational speaker, comedian and magician Billy Riggs speaks for conventions   Motivational Speaker - World Record Holder - Greg Kolodziejzk, the closest thing to a Superhero  
  Top 100 sports agencies and marketing firms within the sports world   Writing Center: Simple resource for proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure:   
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