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Praise for Cynthia Brian as a Media and Acting Coach/Consultant 

“I just got off the phone with the producer of a BBC special. I will be one of four interviewees. After we went over what I would say, the producer said, “ I wish I had more who knew what they were doing like you -- you are really a STAR.” That word caught my attention.  I guess that means I get my degree from Cynthia for media training! Thanks for all your help. I can't imagine facing a radio or TV interview without your coaching.”

Deb Hayden, Author, POX

"I have never met a woman with such enthusiasm, spirit, and positive energy.  Cynthia has the unique ability to inspire those around her, and she is truly an inspiration to me. You gave me the motivation I needed to go after my dream.”

Melissa Mahan, Anchor, KTVE, LA

I wanted to thank you so much for your coaching time with me!  It was refreshing, exhilarating, encouraging, uplifting, and vision-casting.  You have a wonderful gift of making people feel affirmed and accepted.  Your intuitive skills project real value and worth, which I felt from you almost immediately.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with me so enthusiastically.”

Greg Nelson, Speaker

“You are the woman!  This meeting with you was beyond my wildest dreams.  My head is spinning with all the information that you imparted to me and with all the possibilities that you envisioned opening for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. With your guidance I feel for the first time that there is hope for my endeavors. Thank you for your always dependable faith and support,.”

Erica Miner, Author, Travels with my Lovers

 “You are our lucky star! Thank you for making Encourage Mint special. . Thank you for your cheerful exuberance.  What a delight you are to be around. There aren’t enough “o’s” in the word “smooth” to describe you. You brighten the paths of everyone who comes in contact with you.

Action Jack McClendon, Encouragemint Radio and Seminars

"Cynthia Brian combines intelligence, talent and charm with kindness and patience - making her the perfect teacher.  Her tips and advice come from years of practical experience, and her enthusiasm and encouragement come from a big heart.  She gave me invaluable help before my book tour and media interviews - I enjoyed every minute I spent with her!"

Paula Huntley, Author, The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo

“I left your office feeling confident and supported by your energy and guidance. Thanks for your positive information.”

Heather Irving, Actor

“Holey Moley, Cynthia, You are delightful!  A bundle of energy, smart and beautiful!  Thank you so much for inspiring me to pursue my voice-over career. “

Amy Pennington, Voice Over Talent

“Thank you so much for your wonderful input and insight into the world of publishing and guest speaking. You are full of great ideas and of course, energy, which is very contagious. But how do you do it? I want what you are having--used to think that I had a lot of energy, but you make me look like I am standing still most of the time!”

Jill Murphy Long, Best selling author of The Permission Series

“Thanks for being such a great model for all of us women out there.”

Jean Young, ASID, National Conference for the American Society of Interior Designers

“I am mesmerized by your passion, energy and drive.  Thank you for reconfirming what I know in my heart. You are quickly becoming a mentor for me. You are everything I am aspiring to become and more.”

Brooke Hadley, Author, photographer, philosopher


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