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Now you can be anywhere in the world and have Cynthia Brian as your personal guide! When you have questions, Cynthia will have the answers.

Cynthia Brian is a recognized expert in personal growth and achievement as well as a savvy marketeer. As the New York Times best selling author of the books, Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul , Be the Star You Are!, and The Business of Show Business, Cynthia has been a guest on over 600 radio and  TV programs nationwide. She can help you change your life into the one you want to live and market yourself to the media. Whether you need help with your writing project, looking for contacts, or want media training, Cynthia will coach and consult with you over the phone or by email. With over 26 years experience in all phases of the entertainment industry including acting, producing, writing, directing, coaching, hosting, and casting, as well as business in the design and garden industry, Cynthia brings her unique qualifications and enthusiasm to a private consultation and coaching session personalized to your specific success needs.   Each session focuses on answering all your questions in an honest, no nonsense fashion, while creating a plan for your success in front of the media and in life.  Coaching and consultations for all ages.

Three fee schedules are customized to help you:
1. By the Hour (For those who just need one or two sessions)
2. Twelve Sessions of One Hour Each: 20% discount from hourly fee
3. 24 Sessions of One Hour Each: 25% discount from hourly fee

Check, VISA, or MASTERCARD accepted. All fees are paid in full in advance. Sessions may be paid to PAYPAL account. An agreed date and time will be scheduled for your appointment. Please call 925-377-STAR for current rate structure or email: (Remember to take away the word NOSPAM in the email address.)

Make your dreams come true!

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