Business Burnout

How do you beat business burnout? Working in the publishing industry is tough--long hours, stress and run ins with Murphy's Law can make anyone a candidate for burnout. Burnout can result in serious emotional and physical problems as well as a decline in profits. Here are a few tips for beating the burnout blues:

• Identify the symptoms that are affecting your performance
• Do the most important things first
• Stop talking and start listening
• Ask for help
• Learn to say “NO!” and mean it!
• Watch what you eat while seeking nutritionally rich foods
• Exercise
• Catch people doing something right
• Take a break, better yet a vacation
• Help someone else
• Vent your frustrations
• Reevaluate what’s important in life
• Breathe deeply
• Laugh more

Remember you are the star of your own performance. Turn your passions into profits.
Cynthia Brian, President of Starstyle® Productions, LLC, is an acting and media coach who has appeared in feature films, television shows, and over 500 radio programs. She hosts her own Starstyle® show on cable TV and her books include the New York Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul , The Business of Show Business (now in its 13th printing) and Be the Star You Are! Web: or Email: