Presenting Cynthia Brian

Coach, Consultant, Mentor–Kudos from Clients 

"What a GREAT service to all who wish to grow personally and professionally. Cynthia Brian balances style with substance to help you make the journey from success to significance."

Nido Quebein, author, How to Be a Great Communicator and How to Get Anything You Want

 Introducing Cynthia Brian, dubbed by the media as the Renaissance Woman with Soul and the Oprah of the Airwaves, Cynthia is an incredibly attractive, high energy, earthy, enthusiastic lady with over three decades of experience coaching, consulting, and mentoring for acting, media, presentations, writing, and life challenges.  

Sarah was so pumped after leaving your place. Sarah always says, "mom, what would we do without Cynthia?" I didn't even have to think about that one, in fact I don't want to! Thank you for all you do and all you write. Without you, we’d be lost! Thank you, Thank you !”  Starla Allen, mother of Sarah Marleau

In the entertainment arena, her expertise ranges from producing, directing, and writing, to hosting, casting, and coaching. Cynthia has become the acknowledged expert in guiding people safely through an acting career, helping them to avoid the scams and win the audition.  

"I want to reiterate my gratitude to you, Cynthia, for the fantastic casting you provided me. Thanks to your help, the traditionally stressful process of finding the right child actors was the easiest part of this production."

Dean Alioto, Producer/Director, Axiom Films

 Because of Cynthia's interest in teaching children, she became the specialist in coaching kids. The pitfalls of the industry are numerous for anyone, but for children this problem is magnified because parents fall prey to unethical practices.

"Since studying with Cynthia, my self-esteem and self-direction have soared. Everyone needs a Cynthia Brian in her life." Dale Porter, Actress

 Cynthia guides audiences through the quagmires of challenges by teaching practical business skills. She creates a road map to put you on the path of success. Her book, The Business of Show Business, is a must-buy for every aspiring thespian.

From on-camera coaching, to information on legitimate agents, photographers, casting directors, and resume writing, her resources and contacts are enormous and honest.

"The magic of Cynthia is her total acceptance of each individual which instills a self-confidence within the child allowing him to explore with no limits of self-consciousness. Her vivacity, honesty, warmth, caring, and energy surround and hug each child as if he was the only one in the room."

Juanita Harte, mother of actor/director, Bret Harte

 As an actress, Cynthia had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the industry...Francis Coppola, Robin Williams, Clint Eastwood, Leonard Nimoy, Farrah Fawcett, Warren Beatty, Jeff Goldblum, James Mason, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Fairchild, Sean Penn, and many more. Her vibrant on-screen persona is backed by years of live performances, talk-show experiences, and appearances in commercials, print, and films. She produced, wrote and directed "The Green Grocer" for Pete Carcione, and the video "The Quest for Pure Design" for the ASID Interior Design Awards as well as two weekly television series: "Starstyle - Live Your Dreams" and "Starstyle – The Business of Show Business".

"Cynthia Brian is an angelic being spreading love and light on all those with whom she comes in contact. She has a gift for helping people believe in themselves and follow their dreams."

Bonny Eiffert, former agent, STARS, the Agency

Cynthia Brian is a recognized expert in personal growth and achievement as well as a savvy marketer. As the New York Times best selling author of the books, Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul, Be the Star You Are!, Be the Star You Are! for TEENS, Miracle Moments®, and The Business of Show Business,  she understands writers. Besides being a guest on over 900 radio and TV programs internationally, Cynthia has interviewed thousands of authors, experts, and celebrities on her syndicated radio program, Starstyle-Be the Star You Are!

You are the answer to my prayer. Someone to support me in getting my message across.” Despines Guerlides, author, Not a Guru

Her media coaching has helped hundreds of clients to market products and services effectively to the press while living their dreams.


   "Cynthia Brian combines intelligence, talent and charm with kindness and patience - making her the perfect teacher.  Her tips and advice come from years of practical experience, and her enthusiasm and encouragement come from a big heart.  She gave me invaluable help before my book tour and media interviews - I enjoyed every minute I spent with her!" 

Paula Huntley, author of The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo

 Her passion for coaching is only matched by her love and knowledge of design and as a certified interior designer and professional member of ASID, her interior, garden, and furniture designs have been featured in books, magazines, calendars, newspapers, and television shows around the country. She is an enchanting and captivating keynote speaker combining her knowledge of the arts with motivation and passion, offering CEU units to interior designers as a Distinguished Speaker.

Your CEU was so awesome. Thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise in the presentation. You have enriched all our lives.

Beth Settles, ASID, Conference Co-Chair, Nebraska-Iowa Chapter

  She lives her motto while encouraging others to "Be the STAR you are!"  “My goal has always been to be the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage when it comes to helping others be the stars they were born to be, “ states Cynthia Brian.

"Cynthia, you were just what the doctor ordered for our weary spirits. The designers were inspired by your presentation and touched by your warmth. You are a rare find!"

Renee Post, Director of Macy's Special Services

 As life gets more frenzied, Cynthia Brian simply helps clients realize a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier. And as a woman who loves to garden, her real goal is to grow people.  

“I want to thank you, Cynthia, for being your unique, incredible self. You truly are a role model and inspiration. You showed me that every dream is reachable and to go out there and reach for the stars. Thank you so much for giving me the most amazing start on my acting career path. You are such a caring, loving, and gifted woman–the definition of success and optimism. I love you and thank you for everything. I couldn't do it without you and I will follow my dreams!” Katie Kale, actor

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