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Are you looking for a coach who can accelerate your choices and help you live your dreams?

Cynthia Brian is a recognized expert in personal growth and achievement as well as a savvy marketer. As the New York Times best selling author of the books Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul , Be the Star You Are!, and The Business of Show Business, Cynthia has been a guest on over 900 radio and  TV programs nationwide as well as a judge for the Emmys. As life gets more frenzied, people are struggling to find balance and purpose. As a coach, Cynthia Brian simply helps you realize a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier. She can assist you to change your life into the one you want to live and market yourself to the media. With over 30 years experience in all phases of the entertainment industry including acting, producing, writing, directing,, coaching, hosting, and casting, as well the publishing, nonprofit, design and garden industries, Cynthia brings her unique qualifications and enthusiasm to a private consultation and coaching session personalized to your specific life, media, and presentation needs.   Each session focuses on answering all your questions in an honest, no nonsense fashion, while creating a plan for your success. Whether you are a media personality, writer, artist, entrepreneur, business person or student, Cynthia listens to YOU while helping create a roadmap of priorities to achieve your goals.   Coaching and consultations for all ages.  Cynthia custom tailors a workshop for your group or company upon request. 

What you'll learn in a private media session:

  • Learning to Breathe

  • Body Language techniques

  • How to think like a producer

  • Creating a sound bite

  • Pitching ideas and shows

  • How to be in Show Business, whether you think you are or not!

  • What to wear to television and print interviews

  • How to give a great interview without  giving away family secrets

  • How to avoid saying uhhh and sound intelligent on the air

  • Getting the right head shot

  • Creating hooks

  • How to sound confident even if you aren't

  • How to be a compelling guest that offers solutions

Most often asked career choice questions are:

  • How can I discover my dream vocation?”

  • Am I on the right track?

  • How can I do what I love and make a living?

  • What resources are available to help me?”

  • Is my dream possible?”                           

  • How do I balance my life?

  • What resources are available to me?     

  • Do I need an agent or manager?”

  • Will I need to move to another city?”

  • How can I be successful and have a family?”

  • How do I create support for my ideas

  • How can I become a star?”

  • How do I get published?

  • Where are the dollars?

When do you need a coach?

*If you are feeling overwhelmed, a coach can help you pinpoint your priorities, set goals, and prompt you to take action.

*If you are not sure you are on the right career track, a coach asks specific questions and helps you sort out the challenges and the options.

*If you are seeking a relationship or want to improve the one you are in, a coach can pin point patterns, suggest changes, and give you strategies to help you success.

*If you are having difficulties with raising children and juggling your life, a coach will show you how to balance and de-stress.

*Coaches help you discover your passions and hidden talents. They can help turn on the light bulb for you. Maybe you are a great gardener, mechanic, organizer or cook. There are careers that involve all of these skills.

*If you have a dream, a coach can help you realize it by helping you focus, write it down, get the skills you need, push you to action, offer objective support, and help you believe in your own abilities.

*Coaches help you step outside yourself and give you a roadmap for your future. Where do you want to be in one year, five years, ten years?  A coach will accelerate your success and personal growth, increase your happiness quotient, and give you the boost  you need to move to the next level.

A coach is NOT a therapist, so if you are feeling depressed, suicidal, or have psychological issues, please consult a trained psychologist first. A life coach can then assist you in getting your personal life and work life on track.

A private session with Cynthia Brian, either by phone or in person, will guide you to discover your own gifts and talents and provide you with concrete tools to prepare you and your family for your new business.  If you are writing a book, promoting a product or service, preparing for a speech, or just need encouragement, Cynthia Brian is the coach with the answers. Improve your communication skills, self-esteem and confidence. Find balance, joy, and happiness. Learn to be more organized and eliminate the clutter. Discover and celebrate YOU!

What Clients are saying:

"Cynthia Brian combines intelligence, talent and charm with kindness and patience - making her the perfect teacher.  Her tips and advice come from years of practical experience, and her enthusiasm and encouragement come from a big heart.  She gave me invaluable help before my book tour and media interviews - I enjoyed every minute I spent with her!"

Paula Huntley, Author , The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo

“You are the woman!  This meeting with you was beyond my wildest dreams.  My head is spinning with all the information that you imparted to me and with all the possibilities that you envisioned opening for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  All I have to do now is...WORK!  To say I'm daunted by all this is a massive understatement, but with your guidance I feel for the first time that there is hope for my endeavors.  I can't wait to meet with you again and continue the dialogue.

Erica Miner, Author, Travels with my Lovers

“I want to thank you for all of your help and support.  You are a great coach and made a huge difference in the quality of my hour long presentation at the EC Summit in Las Vegas.  It was the best presentation of my career. The conference organizers are already talking about my speaking next year.  But it's not just your coaching on the organization and delivery of the information -your enthusiasm and positive encouragement are so contagious and empowering. It was a real pleasure....coach!”

Cameron Bruce, PE, CSP, Principal, Cameron Bruce Associates

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the good information and contacts you gave me at my media coaching session.  My head is just filled with all of the things I can try now!  Also thanks very much for the emails you've sent in advance of my contact.  It will make a difference.  You are truly an angel in my life!!!   It's so nice to have someone who's already been  there to help direct me (and also keep me encouraged in spite of my husband's comments!).”

Elisabeth Wilson, Author of Kaleidoscope

“Interviewing you today on the radio reminded me about the quality in you that makes people feel so good when they are around you. It's the reason I hired you to coach Rose 12 years ago. You instilled confidence in my daughter. When I told her that I was interviewing you, she said "Awesome. Cynthia's awesome.” Bless you, dear lady, for the gift of yourself, for sharing yourself so freely and with such joy! It's absolutely contagious!”

Kathe Gogolewski, radio host,  By  For and About Women Radio Network

"You share a wealth of information and so freely.  Your desire to help and inspire others comes from a deep within desire and you do it so well.”

Jean Kelly, Event Coordinator, Barnes and Noble

“I just got off the phone with the producer of a BBC special on Schumann. I will be one of four interviewees. Thanks for all your help. I can't imagine facing the first radio interview without your coaching.”

Deb Hayden, Author, POX

.” You have a wonderful gift of making people feel affirmed and accepted.  Your intuitive skills project real value and worth which I felt from you almost immediately. Your coaching is refreshing, exhilarating, encouraging, uplifting, and vision casting Thank you for sharing your gifts with me so enthusiastically.”

Greg Nelson, Speaker

“Thank you for another fabulous coaching session! It’s so beneficial to discuss my achievements with you. Where else can one do that? You are my divine guide on the side.”

Jacqueline Probert, Animal Artist

“Thank you for your healing & loving influence in both mine and my doggy's life.  Thank you for all the listening and support.  I really have started the collage.  It gives me chills.”

Marcia Welch, Accountant

“You are the greatest coach and support. You feed my soul!”

Anita Argent, Actor

“You are our lucky star! Thank you for making Encourage Mint a special  place. Thank you for your cheerful exuberance.  You are “CYN-SATIONAL!” What a delight you are to be around. There aren’t enough “o’s” in the word “smooth” to describe you. You brighten the paths of everyone who comes in contact with you. Caution to clients: Cynthia's positive, "can-do," "Be the Star You Are" spirit is infectious and highly addictive.

Jack McClendon, Encouragemint Radio and Seminars

“While being with you I got so many answers I was searching my heart for.  You helped me so much.  Things you said really opened my eyes and I thank you for that.”

Tami Rush, Greeting Card artist for Giant Smiles

“Thank you so much for a great training session! I appreciate your direct approach with what I needed to hear. You are a very positive professional and your advice matters.”

Mar Malon , Screenwriter

"Your feedback means so much to me!”

Marla Sokoloff, Actor-Desperate Housewives, Big Day, The Practice

“Thank you very much for your valuable knowledge/ information, input, perspectives, suggestions/ideas/opinions, comments, and resources.  They were all well-received and very beneficial. Thank you for your professionalism Thank God you are my consultant and media coach!”

Vicki Craig, Attorney

"I have never met a woman with such enthusiasm, spirit, and positive energy.  Cynthia has the unique ability to inspire those around her, and she is truly an inspiration to me. You gave me the motivation I needed to go after my dream.”

Melissa Mahan,  News Anchor, ABC

To enhance your experience, Cynthia’s books, tapes, and CD’s are available. To schedule your personal consultation and coaching session, call Cynthia at 925-377-STAR or email her cynthia@star-style.com.

Coaching Fees available by request

Available in person, by phone and email.  Customized plans available by the year, month, and hour.

  • YEARLONG Family Plan

  • MONTHLY Plan

  • 20 HOUR Plan

Call today and begin to live fully.   You are the STAR of your own performance.


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