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FREE Audio Cassette Offer *How To Become A TV or Radio Talk Show Host*
Are you the next Oprah, Montel, Dr. Laura, or Larry King? Experts in a variety of fields aspire to having their own program on TV 
or radio. In this exciting teleseminar, entertainment industry expert, Cynthia Brian, discusses the avenues to writing, producing, 
developing, pitching, and hosting your own show.  Questions to be answered include: Can anyone have a show? What is required? 
Do I need acting training? How much money will it cost? How much money will I make? What are the tools of the trade? Will I need 
an agent? Will I meet and mingle with the stars? How do I get syndicated? Cynthia will provide the inside information to help you 
make an informed decision on whether or not you have it what it takes to be a talk show host. Click here to receive your free 
audiocassette of this seminar:

Cynthia Brian's

Cynthia Brian is currently offering one on one consultations and coaching sessions in the Starstyle® Studios. Cynthia is available for hire to teach workshops and seminars for companies and businesses.  Call 925-377-STAR for more information.  Cynthia travels to Los Angeles and San Diego on a monthly basis to coach acting and media clients.  To book an appointment, call 925-377-STAR or email


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