The Midwest Book Review
October 9, 2005
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The Business of Show Business

A Comprehensive Career Guide for Actors and Models

Foreword by Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?

"A guide is what you need - - someone
Who's gone before, kept notes, writes well,
loves you, can guide you step by step,
past all pitfalls; knows what is bad advice,
and what is true. Her name? It's Brian . . Cynthia."

Richard N. Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute

The Business of Show Business, 14th Edition, Enhanced Audio eBook
By Cynthia Brian
ISBN# 978-1-939116-40-6 
This audio enhanced version includes original interviews, music, reviews, and tips voiced by the author.  
The ebook is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Vook, and the IBooks store.
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Overview of The Business of Show Business


Actors are storytellers. Throughout the ages, wise storytellers have reawakened the inner spirits of their listeners and inspired them to explore new territories. Stories allow us to dream and give us the courage to act upon our dreams. Stories help us discover and remember meaningful information. A story informs us by synthesizing complex issues, ambiguous situations, and opposing forces. Stories can challenge conventional wisdom, showing us people who deviate from traditional practices and produce breakthrough results. Actors take stories and breathe life into the characters offering insights as well as entertainment. Acting is a noble profession and we must all take great pride in working in a masterful manner.


However, just because we are experts in our field, does not mean we understand the business arena in which we must work. It is for this reason that in 1984 I wrote my first The Business of Show Business manual. In the early 1970's when I began in this industry, there was no one that I was aware of who could coach an actor in the business aspects. There were hundreds of books explaining "how to act", but none that could tell me how to create my acting and modeling business plan.

I plunged into this career head first, no consideration for the jeopardy in which I had placed my person. I made every mistake possible, from getting expensive unnecessary head shots, to looking in the phone book for agents, listening to scam operators and not understanding the financial and tax ramifications. I learned the ropes by the seat of my pants, definitely trial and error and mostly error. It took me years to understand that show business is not only a trade but a business venture. I wrote my guide and all subsequent books to help each person who has ever dreamed of being an actor or model understand these slippery ropes.

It is with great pleasure that I submit to you Starstyle™ Productions, The Business of Show Business. This handbook provides accurate, updated information on how to get going and stay going in the commercial, film, modeling, and television business. This handbook is directed to parents of babies, children, and teens as well as adults who are willing to tap into that child inside in order to become more vulnerable and knowledgeable, while avoiding the scams. As an acting coach and consultant, I take great pride in assisting clients to be the best that they can be. My specialty is coaching children for on-camera work while guiding their parents through the quagmire of challenges incurred in the entertainment industry.



It is my intention with this actors bible to give you updated and valid information regarding acting, agents, unions, casting, trade publications, photographers, modeling, classes, scams and much more.

Everything that you ever wanted to know about the entertainment industry but didn't know who to ask . . right here in a 6" x 9" book!!

The Midwest Book Review
October 9, 2005

Review of The Business of Show Business, a comprehensive career guide for actors and models
By Cynthia Brian
ISBN 0-9721140-0-9 
304 pages  $19.95
E-Book Available@ $25.95
ISBN# e-book:

“Want to be an actor, but don’t know how to break into the business with the right approach? You can’t go wrong with-and shouldn’t go without-Cynthia Brian’s The Business of Show Business: A Comprehensive Career Guide for Actors and Models.

The author has a background in producing, directing, acting, hosting, and consulting, and has coached kids and adults alike. From learning what kinds of jobs are out there to learning about agents, auditioning, rules for child actors and working on the side, this is the ‘insider’’ guide to the industry which should be in the hands and on the minds of any aspiring model or actor before they compete in the show business world.

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