StarStyle with Cynthia Brian

"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars."
Henry Van Dyke

StarStyle - For the life you design!


StarStyle with Cynthia Brian is about empowerment, sustainability, and communication. StarStyle with Cynthia Brian encourages you to release your inner Star and be the person you were meant to be. You were not born equal. You are each something far better. You are unique. It is this combination of skills, talents, gifts and aspirations that creates your star studded individuality. StarStyle with Cynthia Brian is about creating an inviting environment that feeds all your senses – visual, touch, sound, smell and taste – so that you have the energy and spark to create a life you love. StarStyle with Cynthia Brian shows you how to take a vacation and stay at home by helping you design a refuge and sanctuary in your own space. StarStyle with Cynthia Brian is about making everything and everyone a little bit better through the healing and refreshing powers of nature. StarStyle with Cynthia Brian draws inspiration from the serenity, bounty, and generosity rooted in Cynthia’s years on the farm, in the garden and vineyards as well as her admiration for the beauty, majesty, and grandeur of lakes, rivers, oceans, and sunsets.

The product offerings for StarStyle with Cynthia Brian balance her professional qualifications as an interior and garden designer with her expertise as a motivational speaker, TV and radio personality and actress. It is the culmination of a lifetime spent "reaching for the stars" while helping others to do the same, combined with the interest and credentials in shaping environments that support, indulge, and refresh.

"Creating beauty from the outside in" is the focus on the StarStyle with Cynthia Brian initial collection as the garden becomes an extension of the home. The garden is the extra room-the added spaces in small places.

The products in the StarStyle with Cynthia Brian collection are green products, made from sustainable or recycled materials, healthy to our environment.

With the need for great human connections in an impersonal and threatening world, nature and the garden become the perfect inspiration for sanctuary and respite from your hectic lifestyles. You want your retreats to be decorated with furnishings that are soothing, luxurious, and comfortable. For fabrics, you demand beauty, performance, and style. Yet, you also crave durability, wash-ability, and value. By bringing nature’s colors, textures, and resources into your abode, StarStyle with Cynthia Brian delivers the peace, joy, and enchantment of your personally designed "refuge rooms" blooming with style, substance, and star quality. A place where you can simply BE THE STAR YOU ARE!

The Premier Five Collections are:

Spring Sanctuary
Harvest Moon
Chateau Majestic
Fabric Sample - Star 1
Fabric Sample - Star 2

For more information about license agreements for Starstyle with Cynthia Brian contact Robyn Volker, email: or by phone 212-260-5660.


These past four months I have had the pleasure of working closely with Cynthia Brian as an intern. During my internship she entrusted me with the creation of 5 color boards, all of which will be used to sell her line of furniture, StarStyle by Cynthia Brian. The experience was nothing short of sensational! I learned so much about my own creativity and talents as a design student. Working with Cynthia has given me a whole new outlook on design. I have been inspired by my internship, and it has given me tremendous confidence in who I am as a designer and a young woman. She has given several incredible opportunities to build my résumé and myself. Being a guest on her talk show gave me tremendous confidence in my speaking skills and how I present myself and a striving professional. The boards turned out fabulous and I’m excited to see where they take Cynthia and her incredible designs for furniture! Thank you Cynthia, for all you have given in such a short period of time!


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Architect: Adrian L. Crisan,

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