“You are the most upbeat positive person. I am so thankful for your caring and your willingness to help. You are one in a million and I'm know how blessed I really am!!!!!!  Your writing ability is wonderful to read. Thank you for blessing our community.”

Nancy Purvis, Executive Publisher/Editor

The Heart of Cranberry Magazine, Pennsylvannia

 “You're great!!  And always ahead of schedule.  The newsletter is very well read and the circulation keeps growing. Thank you for being on top of everything!”

Ron Pramschufer, Publisher

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 “Thank you, Cynthia, for all that you continue to do for so many!!!!! Your garden articles in the paper are always so informative.  I love your family stories AND your monthly to do list. I loved your article about the documentary that you were part of and thank you for sharing it with the community. We can ALL be encouraged by people like you, Cynthia and the fact that you were chosen is a testimony to the special lady you are and to your spirit and heart. You are a one-in-a-million!!!!” Mardi Potts

 Cynthia, this just rocks my heart. (The Plum Pretty Sister) I'm publishing it on my front page NOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I so relate to your wonderful, inspiring story. I am so pleased with this, Cynthia! This is one Plum Pretty Day, all right! My husband LOVES your story. He envisioned himself up in the treetops as a little boy, collecting gifts for his beloved mommy. I think each person reading this will relive a specialmemory. What an inspiration you are....

Bridgett Walther.


 "Even our toughest editor loves your writing and wants more! I’m in awe of your design talents.”

Lynn Carey, Editor

Home and Gardens

Contra Costa Times Newspaper, California

 “My goodness, I would love for you to join my writing team,too... and my media team... and my inspiration file! What incredible stuff you have accomplished, I am so impressed”

Nancy Cleary, Publisher/Editor

Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc, Oregon

 “Cynthia. I am crying. Your story is so beautiful. I am speechless. You are

such a fantastic writer! What a boost to have a story like this for

Conscious Women from such a Conscious Women as yourself.”

Darlene Montgomery

Life Dreams Publishing

 “Thank-YOU for taking time from your busy schedule to brainstorm with me. You are a marvelous lady full of life and it's enjoyable listening to your ideas. You're an absolute doll!”

C. Hope Clark

Editor, FundsforWriters

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Linda L. Whalen

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 “I'm always blown away by your energy and all the projects that you are constantly involved in--like an olive oil book!”

Ken Rice


 “You are a marvel! You've got more going on than a gardener right before a rainstorm. You have such a knack for names and an endless supply of creative ideas. Keep it up and have lots of fun!”

Cindy Buck

Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul

“I have to say again that no one can say they are too busy to get work done, you are proof

of it  I am honored at how much thought you put into working together.“

Tara Paterson, Executive Publisher

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“I thoroughly enjoyed your article in the Times, Home & Garden

section today, dated 10/9/04. I especially loved the bamboo fountain .Thank you for your inspirational budget decorating!”



“Hey, great article.  I can use some of the tips for redecorating my bedroom.  I am basically on a college income, 4 people with one income!!  Makes bargain hunting not only necessary, but definitely a challenge.   Congrats to you guys for all of your success.  It is very exciting to hear about what you do, and how wonderful for you and Heather to work together.”

Melissa Lanza


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Zev Saftlas Author of Motivation That Works

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Sheryl Rousch

Author, Sparkle-Tudes! And Heart of a Woman

“I just read your little story about your dad in Pure Inspiration  magazine... beautiful story. Glad you are helping others to enjoy life,”

Olanna Taskey,


“You’re a pro! I admire your ability to see the prize and go for it in all of your endeavors.”

Tom Shess, Design Editor

San Diego Magazine

 “You have been an inspiration to me through the writing process.”

Ryan Walker, feature writer

St. George Magazine

“I just read your article and it is wonderful!  Forward thinking, practical,

and fun.  I absolutely want to have you write "Pause for Reflection" for us.”

Justin Ganero

Relax Magazine

“You’re such an incredible writer, Cynthia. Really breathtaking. I’m honored to have your work on my site. You are truly a force for good and we need to clone you, like yesterday.”

Bridgett Walther.


I just had to write you to thank you for the beautiful article you wrote in the “Lamorinda Weekly.”  After a very long day, coming home late, and cleaning up after dinner, I just had to tell you what a treat it was to read your article a few minutes ago.  I just smiled all the way through your article and connected with nature in my kitchen.  You have an amazing ability to reflect the personal joy that you carry inside you, Cynthia.  Reading about your parent’s magical presentation to you and your siblings just warmed my heart.  What a precious memory you shared with your readers. I continue to understand why you are so special and have one of the biggest hearts I know. Your story and accompanying pictures and checklist were truly my favorite part of the entire paper and for that matter, anything else I have read lately as it pertains to the winter garden. Thank you, thank you, Cynthia for all you do to brighten this world. “

Mardi Potts, Garden Club

"Cynthia's writing is soul-stirring and motivating, touching and provocative. I love including her beautifully written stories on my site's front page. Her stories offer a wonderful perspective for my site visitors to ponder - a kind of clarity so important in today's rush-rush world. Cynthia reminds us to slow down, be grateful, listen and enjoy each moment. In effect, she lifts our collective spirit."

Bridgett Walther.


“I also want you to know that I LOVED your Digging Deep (Lions, tigers, and bears…Oh My! )article today. You are just so spirited and you put so much effort, knowledge AND humor in your articles. They are like my garden Bible.  Your personal stories, topics, and tips are just so fun to read. I always finsish with a smile on my face.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Mardi Potts, Event Coordinator, Moraga Garden Club

“Did I tell you lately that I love your page in the Weekly?  Well, there it is: I love it! Thanks for doing it (as well as the million useful things you do). Have a wonderful year! Cheers,” Sophie Braccini ,Sta1ff Writer - Lamorinda Weekly

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