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T42 -
A Mother/Daughter Brew

with radio co-hosts
Cynthia Brian
and Heather Brittany.

Cynthia Brian: wife, mother, actor, success coach, interior designer,
gardener, casting director, writer, best selling author, producer, world
traveler, motivational speaker, television and radio host...Cynthia is
referred to as "the Renaissance woman with soul!" Born on a farm in Napa
Valley, the eldest of five children, she raised chickens and sheep,
drove tractor and picked fruit to finance her college dreams.  As
Founder of a charity, Cynthia works to empower youth at risk through
literacy.  She has written four books, is co-author of the New York
Times best selling book, Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul , author
of Be the Star You Are!®, 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and
Learning to Make a Difference, The Business of Show Business, and
Miracle Moments®.

Heather Brittany, is the co-host of the TV and radio segment, Animal
Cuts™ and has been acting and modeling since she was 3 days old.
Heather has been active in the 4-H club where she has won Grand Champion
awards for her goats, chickens, and cats. She volunteers her time with
charities and is part of her school leadership team. In 1998, the
International Leadership Conference honored Heather as the National
Young Achiever of the Year.  In 1999, she was crowned the Outstanding
Teenager of Contra Costa County.  She is a theatre arts major at SDSU
and a lead actor in the TV series, Veronica Mars.

Cynthia and Heather’s enthusiasm, energy, and passion will inspire you
to be the star of your own life!

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