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"We've worked with Cynthia for years now and she is a truly a wonderful host and producer who goes above and beyond from the minute she books the interview until even after it's aired. She is thorough, prepared, and always does a great interview on the show giving our authors great exposure and a stimulating conversation to boot. Most of all though, she's a pleasure to work with and really cares about building relationships, follow up and taking the time to do it "right."

Leslie Rossman, Open Book Publicity

Guest Guidelines


Statistical Research Inc., states that 96% of the US population listens to the radio at least once a week and 75% listen EVERY DAY … more than any other media. Interview time is worth even more than ad time. Why? Because people pay more attention to the shows than the ads … and they're much more likely to believe them. Which do you pay more attention to?  The commercials or the guests?

Have you been attempting to get a great interview on a great show to promote yourself?

Are you frustrated with trying to contact busy radio producers?

We understand how difficult it is to get publicity, especially without a publicity department. Publicists charge $2000-$6000 per month or more to garner interviews for you without any guarantees of the quality of the interview. Most authors and experts do not want to waste their time scouring the internet to find a radio program with a great host who will offer an interview.    Our program, Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are! is brought to the airwaves as an outreach program of the charity, Be the Star You Are!™ which works to empower women, families, and youth-at-risk through literacy and positive media, such as our radio show.  Because we strive to bring financial contributions to the charity and at the same time publicize authors and experts that need a PR boost, we are offering a low cost opportunity for you to be interviewed on our show without having to hire a publicist.  You'll make a donation to the charity, Be the Star You Are! (www.bethestaryouare.org) , get a tax deduction and we promise you a fabulous interview that you can use to promote yourself long after the program has ended.

You may choose either a 10 minute segment or a 20 minute segment.

Special rates for authors, non profits, and companies.

Both of these opportunities include a listing on our web sites (www.star-style.com, www.bethestaryouare.org, www.worldtalkradio.com) plus a live interview where we will give out your web site and contact information.  Both interviews will be archived on our World Talk Radio site for free for added publicity.  (The 10 minute interview will be in conjunction with another interview by another author.)  A CD with MP3 of your interview is available for an additional $19 including shipping.  We can also have multiple CD's made for you at a reasonable cost. (Minimum 50-please email us for quotes)

The 20 minute interview includes the following benefits to you in addition to those listed above:

            *photo of your book on our radio page with web link

            *archive of your individual segment with web link and description of your interview

Both opportunities will also be broadcast on our syndicated radio stations at four different networks at NO additional cost.

The cost is tax deductible and you will make checks payable to Be the Star You Are!™  501 c 3 charity.  You may also use VISA, MASTERCARD, or pay via PAYPAL on our web site at www.bethestaryouare.org.

 For Rates Contact US at Radio@NOSPAMbethestaryouare.org (eliminate the words NO SPAM) or call 925-377-STAR.

 You’ll be in GREAT company:

 "I have been interviewed by thousands of interviewers and Cynthia Brian is one of four of the top interviewers in the country today.  I feel like we are two bodies in one soul.”

Jack Canfield, CoFounder Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

 Most of the authors we interview are on best seller lists or are experts or celebrities in a variety of areas.  Our past guests have included Dr. Phil, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, David Bach, Mark Victor Hansen, and hundreds of other gurus.  Of course, we like to think we have contributed to the many successes of authors who have shared their books on our show. Here’s what Jill Murphy Long, author of The Permission Series, has to say, “I have been on Cynthia’s radio program twice and books sales are now edging toward 30,000.  Thank you for the support!”

This is a fabulous chance to get a first class interview that will be positive, upbeat, and personal and have it broadcast around the world.  We can also provide you with a logo for your web site to link your segment directly to your interview so that you can get other media to pay attention to your archived words.

Your Producer/Hosts:

Cynthia Brian interviews celebrities, authors, and media personalities with a focus on these topics: personal growth, animals, show business, health, travel, design, gardening, finance, success, business skills, children, philosophy, lifestyle, and adventures. In a segment called T42-A Mother/Daughter Brew, she and her daughter, Heather Brittany, discuss parenting, women’s, and relationship issues, as well as music, movies, and mores throughout the generations. We are attracted to books of NON-FICTION.  We read EVERY book before interviewing a guest and we do not accept all books, authors, or experts who submit requests. Please visit the web site to get familiar with our work.  http://www.bethestaryouare.org

We have a list of former guests on our site.  Our purpose is to help others help themselves by exposing them to positive media.

If you fit the above profile, you may query us by sending an email to:

Radio@NOSPAMbethestaryouare.org (eliminate the words NO SPAM)

Feel free to drop us a personal message, but please keep us off any lists or any mailings that you are sending to others. Thank you.

Or you may send the following to us and we will get back to you:

   1. A review copy of your book (books are then donated to Be the Star You Are!™ charity)

   2. Short Bio

   3.Short summation of your book or product

   4 Nine questions that you feel the listeners would want answered

   5.Contact information, including phone number where we can call you for the program

We have only a limited number of slots, so we apologize if we can not fit you into our programming.

Also be aware, our show is evergreen which means we request that you NOT refer to dates, times, holidays, seasons, or upcoming events.  You may of course give out your web site, phone numbers, or other contact information for bookings or sales.  We do this so that we may air the show again, thus providing you with more promotional exposures.

Send information to:

Cynthia Brian
Starstyle® Productions, LLC
PO Box 422
Moraga, Ca. 94556

Street Address:  1660 School Street Suite #101B, Moraga, California 94556

Our program airs on several networks. World Talk Radio is the official radio network of Be the Star You Are!™ (http://www.worldtalkradio.com)  Show are archived on this site.  We keep a schedule of what program is airing where on http://www.bethestaryouare.org. We work to promote you and promise you an outstanding enthusiastic and positive interview of which you’ll be proud.

Caller lines-888-514-2100 in the US/Canada and  001-858-268-3068  around the world. We'll send you a jpg of the World Talk Radio logo so you can connect your site to your personal archived show to garner you additional publicity and expert status.

Thank you for your interest in our program.  Remember to BE THE STAR YOU ARE!™

Here’s what recent guests are saying about their interview experience:

“You go girl!  Thanks so much – what a great interview.  We will have to talk about how to do many more and store up a library of them.  Your warmth and enthusiasm comes through every second Cynthia!  You’re doing so much good for others – it quickly multiplies itself all over the universe…Thank you again”

Pat Wyman, M.A., Author, Instant Learning™ Book Series; Learning vs Testing; & What's Food Got To Do With It?


“Along the book marketing road, my visit to your show shines brightest.”

Art Wolk, Author, Garden Lunacy


“Be The Star You Are! provides a phenomenal platform to improve our daily lives and the lives of others.  Cynthia is an exuberant messenger, and I appreciate the opportunity to support her efforts by discussing Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 Years Or More, a coffee-table book of interviews with 75 couples married 50-75 years.  We need more "Cynthias" in this world!”

Sheryl P. Kurland, Freelance Writer and Author


“I was so impressed about how your had so thoroughly read the book.”

Peggy Swager, Author, The 15 Second Resume Read


“You're unforgettable!” Robert Fried, Author, A Marketing Plan for Life


“But how do you do it? I want what you are having--used to think that I had a lot of energy, but you make me look like I am standing still most of the time!”

Jill Murphy Long, Author of Permission to Nap, Permission to Play and Permission to Party


“It was a delight to be a guest on your show. You attract a wide-ranging and very interesting series of guests as your style as a host is very appealing and engaging. Thanks for being such a great host.”

Stephanie Yeh, Co-author, The Art of Business


“Your energy and enthusiasm are like a match igniting compassion and action within your audience; I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to warm hearts and minds by the light of that fire. Thank you for allowing me to share my message.”

Karen M. Jones, Author, The Difference a Day Makes, Founder, BenevolentPlanet.com


“We have booked many guests on Be The Star You Are! We love Cynthia-she gives a wonderful interview.” Christianna Capra,  Head Publicist,  Krupp Communications, New York


“You go, girl! Thanks for a fantastic interview, as always. And I cannot thank you enough for having read the book and being so prepared. Your energy and enthusiasm are remarkable.”

Jennifer Hawthorne, NY Times best selling author, Pearls, Diamonds, and Stones


“I can't believe how good you are at what you do! You really knew that book and it made the interview so much more interesting to have your personal input and in depth interaction.”

Cindy Buck, Editor, The Soul of Success


“You're a wonderful host. I love your energy!!” Jill Badonsky, Author, The Nine Modern Day Muses


“It was the best interview yet. You didn't stump me with questions I couldn't answer and made me feel so comfortable.”

Fran Silverman, Author, Book Marketing A-Z


“Your energetic spirit and the heavenly work that you doto help others are so uplifting and much needed in this world today. You are truly an eternal light.”

Darlene Pitts,  Author, Discover Your Intuition


“I listened to the interview between us and want to tell you that you did a superb job in carrying the interview. I could not believe how you were able to cover my blunders.  Thank you! You truly are one of the best interviewers ever, and my partners and wife agree!”

Kevin V. Huhn, Executive Producer of The Hockey Source, "The Ultimate Resource for Minor Hockey"


“Thank you for such a wonderful interview! You are such a lively, cheerful person...it really makes the guests feel welcomed and at home. I really enjoyed it! It went by so fast. That has to be the shortest 20 minutes ever. I felt like I was chatting to a good friend, not an interviewer. I will definitely have you interview me again! Thanks again.”

Shirley Cheng, Author, Dance with Your Heart


For information, contact cynthia@NOSPAMstar-style.com
Be sure to remove the word NOSPAM from the email address when you paste it into your mail message. We do that to keep Web spiders from harvesting our address for mailing lists. Feel free to drop us a personal message, but please keep us off any lists or any mailings that you are sending to others. Thank you.
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