Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany are excited to announce that their long running radio show, StarStyle®Be the Star You Are!® is moving to the Voice America Network. Live broadcasts begin Wednesday, July 3 from 4-5pm Pt/7-8pm ET at  You will still be able to access all our previous shows through June 2013 at our World Talk Radio site as well here  All shows are archived with photos, descriptions, links and more at http://www.StarStyleRadio.comCome join our power party on Voice America.




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“Cynthia Brian is fantastic. She is the best interviewer that I have ever heard. Her enthusiasm sets her apart from everyone. I was immediately struck with her extensive knowledge of the book. Not only did she read it carefully, she kept notes on specifics that she wanted to talk about. There will be many more interviews with Cynthia Brian” J.A. Hunsinger, Author, Axe of Iron-The Settlers

"One of our best and brightest radio   interviewers in the nation!"  Lisa D. Marino Radio Publicity Specialist,   Krupp Kommunications  NY, NY

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PRESS RELEASE: Cynthia Brian in the movie Tapping the Source --

Radio "I have been interviewed by thousands of interviewers and Cynthia Brian is one  of four of the top  interviewers in the  country today."  
Jack Canfield, 
Co-Founder  Chicken Soup  for the Soul Series

Starstyle™- BE THE STAR YOU ARE!® RADIO PROGRAM with host, Cynthia Brian produced by STARSTYLE® Productions, LLC brought to you by Be the Star You Are!® Non Profit 501 (c) (3)

You were not created equal. You wouldn’t want to be. You are something far better than equal. You are unique!



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"After our clients finish their segment on "Be the Star You Are!", they immediately ask us to book them again! Cynthia Brian and her co-host Heather Brittany are a delight to work with and know how to do their job. Our clients are extremely happy with the questions they are asked and the promotion they receive for their products.  Keep up the good work, and we look forward to many more successful partnerships."  Marika Flatt, President of PR by the Book  [Click Here to Read More ]


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Starstyle®- Be The Star You Are!
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 The Mother/Daughter Dynamic Duo -
The Stella Donne Goddess Gals,
Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany

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Learn more about Be the Star You Are!™ Charity, a 501 (c)(3) empowering families and youth at risk through literacy and positive media.

We were not created equal. We wouldn’t want to be.

Each person is something far better than equal.

Each person is unique.

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Chicken Soup For the Gardener's Soul

co-authored by:
Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Cynthia Brian, Cindy Buck, Marion Stirrup, Pat Stone, and Carol Sturgulewski

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Starstyle™- BE THE STAR YOU ARE!™ RADIO PROGRAM with host, Cynthia Brian produced by STARSTYLE™ Productions, LLC brought to you by Be the Star You Are!™ Non Profit 501 (c) (3)

You were not created equal.  You wouldn’t want to be.  You are something far better than equal.  You are unique!

This upbeat radio program, hosted by the personal growth success expert, Cynthia Brian, is about preparing to star in your own life while igniting the flame that is already inside you. The radio series is based on her book of the same name where 99 virtues are explored through the use of personal stories, exercises, and quotes...inspirational, funny, and informative. On BE THE STAR YOU ARE! celebrities, authors, publishers, and media personalities are our guests. The topics include lifestyles, personal growth, animals, show business, health, travel, design, gardening,  finance, success, business skills, children, philosophy, and adventures.  The theme song was written and sung by the legendary Frankie Laine. In a segment called
T42-A Mother/Daughter Brew, Cynthia and her teenage daughter, Heather Brittany, discuss parenting and relationship issues, as well as music, movies, and mores throughout the generations.  Be the Star You Are!™ charity, a 501(c)(3) that empowers families and youth at risk through literacy is proud to be the beneficiary of the sponsorships.

T42-A Mother/Daughter Brew with co-hosts Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany.
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The rules of the program are simple: Tune in, smile, have fun, and be prepared for some wild and wacky times.  Get ready to pump your energy-listen, learn, laugh and live your dreams with Starstyle™-Be the Star You Are! 

Please join us.

Cynthia Brian
Your Personal Growth Success Coach
"The Oprah of the Airwaves!"

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Tribute to Frankie Laine

The legendary singer, Frankie Laine, died at age 93 on February 6, 2007.

He was a great friend of Starstyle® and Be the Star You Are! and wrote two theme songs for our programs-"Be the Star You Are!" and "The Business of Show Business". He sold millions of albums and boasted 21 gold albums in his illustrious career. Some of his memorable songs include, "I Believe", "Mule Train", "Rawhide", "Jezebel" and "That Lucky Old Son". Cynthia interviewed Frankie on her second ever radio program in 1998 and he suggested he create a theme song for her show. The rest is history...Frankie will always be remembered as a magical personality, a giving philanthropist, and a loving husband and father. Thank you, Frankie, for making the stars shine a bit brighter! We will always love you.

Listen to the songs Frankie wrote for us!  
Be The Star You Are! Theme
Business of Show Business Theme

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Aribitron, Neilsen and Measurecast say that the Internet Radio market has grown 884% since January 2001; 108 million Americans listened to online radio (45% of the American Population) and 55 million in the U.S. listen regularly of which 30 million listen weekly (comprised of 21% of Americans over the age of 12); there are 391,042,644 current Internet users worldwide and 29 out of the top 50 U.S. radio stations are Internet Radio Stations.  The program is now podcast which reaches a larger audience. More than five million people download podcasts. That number is only going to grow as more people buy portable players.   Industry experts forecast there will be more than 70 million podcast listeners within a few years.  When you add powerful content such as the interviews featured on Starstyel®-Be the Star You Are!  with authors talking about their books and experts discussing new services, that’s the perfect storm for a new medium. 

 Guests, sponsors and advertisers have the opportunity to reach a niche audience of millions of listeners who are looking for changes, improvements, and diversity in their lives.  People who buy self improvement products have a wide range of interests and are more active buyers of products and services than the average consumer. These people are not content with the status quo and crave health, fitness, fun, fashion, knowledge, quality, beauty, excitement, investments, decor, personal achievement, books, and purpose. They are willing to try new experiences, new products and spend the dollars necessary to achieve their goal of starring in their own life and enjoying the journey to success. 

Demographics:  Since we are syndicated on several networks we have a broad base. When you sponsor a segment of the show, you'll pay for one station but get exposure on all our syndicates throughout the US which air the show numerous times, plus the program is archived and podcast. 

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Food for Thought: Martha Stewart Radio charges $10,000 plus for a 30 second commercial.  A one-time in-show oral mention of your product is $100,000 plus and a two minute branded segment with 2 to 3 talking points costs $250,000. 

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