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Our Crew

Executive Producer: Cynthia Brian
Producer: Cynthia Brian
Co-Producer/Line Producer: Deborah Welsh
Directors: Michael Jackson
Bob Cavillo
Dan Pavlik
Floor Directors: Che Waterman
Casey Kohloff
Production Coordinator: Rebecca Schmidt
Sound Engineers: Frank Truncale
Shawn Carrigan
Cameras: Walter Garcia
Eileen Bartlett
Casey Kohloff
Che Waterman
James Butler
Editors: Eileen Bartlett
Deborah Welsh
Bob Cavillo
Dan Pavlik
Make-up/Hair: Barry Donielo
Rose Hill
Denise Johnson

Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson with Lucille Bliss,
Heather Brittany, and Cynthia

Set Design: James Butler Interiors
Starstyle Interiors and Design
Production Assistants: Heather Brittany
Sebree Loveall
Dustin Jackson
Animal Cuts™: Heather Brittany
Wardrobe: Angela Hoenignausen
Web Developers: HTaniMLs
Creator/Host: Cynthia Brian
Music: "This Business of Showbusiness"
Written by Frankie Laine and Deanne Hawley
Performed by Frankie Laine
Arranged by Richard Callaci

Frankie and Deanne
Frankie Laine and Deanne Hawley
with Heather Brittany and Cynthia

Still Photographer: David Gorney
Special thanks to our supporters: Angela Designer Wardrobe
Living Green Plantscapes
Metro Disk Digital Imaging, San Francisco
The Reel Directory of Northern California
Solimar Magazine
Filmed at: Newark and Fremont TCI studios


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