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Episode #1


Do you need an agent? The answer is YES YES YES.

In order to be considered professional and legitimate it is imperative for you to have an agent. What are agents, how do you find an agent and what can an agent do for you after you have found him or her?

This episode focuses on agents. My guests are Bonny Eiffert, the commercial print agent since 1991 with Stars, the Agency and Ann Montgomery, principal agent and owner of Montgomery Talent and Literary.

Ann Montgomery and Bonny Eiffert
Cynthia with Ann Montgomery and Bonny Eiffert

Both agenices are full service dealing with print, commercials, films, industrials, and voice-over and both are franchised by the two acting unions, SAG, Screen Actors Guild, and AFTRA, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and comply with all the laws and regulations regarding talent agencies. Bonny is a former model and trained opera singer, while Ann studied drama and was a model and actor in New York for over 10 years.

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