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Episode #14

Tools of the Trade

This show will give you some tools of the trade. Talent is not enough. In today’s competitive environment, everyone needs clear goals, sharp strategies and a plan of action.

Carol Issacs is the Acting Director of the San Francisco Film Commission, which markets and promotes San Francisco as the best place to shoot, bringing work to town for crew members and actors. San Francisco has had a host of hits from The Jazz Singer, American Graffiti, The Rock, Magnum Force, Basic Instinct, What Dreams May Come, and Mrs. Doubtfire!

Cynthia with Carol Isaacs
Cynthia with Carol Isaacs

Besides a great headshot, what are the tools that can make the difference in creating your career. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned performer looking to step up to the next level, business knowledge is often the critical missing link between talent and success.

Marie Salerno was a top administrator of Chicago’s largest talent and modeling agency managing newscasters, talk show hosts and TV commercial performers before becoming the Associate Executive Director of AFTRA where she spent 17 years working on union policy, and helping actors with every type of employment issue. She currently is the principal of Marie Salerno Associates, which promotes common sense, business sense. She assists talent with developing a business approach to acting including having the right letterhead, business cards, and resumes as well as many more details.

Marie Salerno with Cynthia
Marie Salerno with Cynthia

If you want to be successful in the entertainment industry, like any business, you need clear goals, sharp strategies, well placed contacts, information, and a plan. Use your tools.

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