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Episode #2


In Showbusiness, the adage goes: “You are only as good as your worst photograph!”.

Headshots are our calling cards, one of the most important sales tools we possess. It is imperative to find the right photographer to shoot the best possible photo that captures the inner spirit of the actor.

But how do you find that photographer and what can you expect on the day of the shoot?

How do you dress? What’s the make-up like? Do you shoot inside or outside? What kind of poses? How much will it cost? Do you keep the negatives? etc. etc. etc.

Today's show is all about getting the right headshot and choosing a photographer. My guests are two esteemed photographers with numerous years specializing in headshots, fashion, and children.

Norbert has a degree in art history from Munich and studied studio lighting and fashion photography at the Art Academy in San Francisco. Since 1986 he has specialised in children’s fashion and is known for his fun wacky way of working with kids. Since 1994 he has been shooting headshots for actors of all ages.

Dan Herron is a former MGM photographer from Los Angeles. He opened his SF bay area studio in 1986 expanding his photography into sports, fitness, travel, leisure, and commercial print. He is renowned for his clean, natural style of phtography as well as relaxed manner and high energy. Some of his prestigious clients have included Lucas Films, Elite models of Paris, Sheraton and Hyatt resorts, Sega and Apple Computers.

Norbert and Dan Herron
Norbert and Dan Herron

Both photographers serve the talent of the top talent agencies.

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