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Now What?

Episode #3

You've Got Your Photos, Now What?

Okay, you’ve got your contact sheet in hand, maybe your negatives, now what? This is the time to find a high quality custom photo lab and when they have made you the perfect print, take it to a duplication house to make several hundred copies. Let me introduce you to the right people who can make this happen for you.

Peter Fairfield is the owner of Gamma Photo lab where he began working in 1977 when it was a three person operation. He and his wife purchased the company and they now operate a custom lab which specializes in black and white quality photo processing and printing. They now have 18 employees using 10 darkrooms with clients raning from freelance professionals, advertising agencies, corporate PR departments as well as artists, amateurs, actors, and models.

Peter Fairfield and Emilia De Geer
Cynthia with Peter Fairfield and Emilia De Geer

Emilia De Geeris the co-owner with her husband of METRO Disc, digital imaging service which has been a service rpovide to the graphc arts industry and to modeling and talent industry for the past 5 years. Emilia has an MBA in finance and has been working in the graphic arts business since 1986. Because of her undergraduate degrees in Latin American and French literature, she was an airline stewardess for many years with her passengers including show biz greats such as JohWayne, Yul Bryner, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Walters and many more. It is probably no coincidence that she now serves the future legends to be.

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