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Kids Agents

Episode #4

Kids' Agents

Everyone tells you that your child looks just like the Gerber baby and should be doing baby food and diaper ads. You constantly get stopped on the street as people remark how beautiful your 10 year old daughter is. And your teenager has decided he is going to be the next Tom Cruise. Who do you call?

This episode of Starstyle The Business of Showbusiness is all about finging the right childrens agent.

Amber Triemstra is a licensed SAG/Aftra Agent with Stars the Agency where she is the director of the childrenís division. She graduated from Cal Berkeley.

Kristen Usich owns BOOM! Model and Talent Agency with her husband JAck Hutcheson. In addition to holding a BA in business and economics, she has a background as a fashion and runway model. Boom is a licensed SAG/AFTRA agency.

Kristen Usich and Amber Triemstra
Cynthia with Kristen Usich and Amber Triemstra
Both BOOM! and Stars are full service agencies, meaning they handle people of all ages for all mediums such as films, commercials, television, industrials and print ads. The part we will be discussing today, however, is the childrens division.

My suggestion when seeking an agent is to first try to talk to someone you trust in this industry who may be able to recommend a legitamate agency. If you donít know anyone, I advise calling the local SAG or AFTRA office and ask for a list of licensed, franchised talent agencies. Although I have over the years known a few good agents who were not franchised, eventually those agencies either became franchised or went out of business.

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