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Casting Directors

Episode #6

Casting Directors

When you are watching film or TV credits, youíll notice casting by or casting director. But what is a casting director and what in the world do they do? Letís ask our guest casting directors all the tough questions about the audition process.

Nicole Hampton of Beau Bonneu Casting and Maria Ray of will tell you what they do, how they do it, and what most clients are looking for these days.

Nicole Hampton is the extras casting director for Beau Bonneau Casting which has cast such feature films such as Phenomenon, The Rock, Flubber, Desperate Measures, Patch Adams. and many commercials and industrial films.

Maria Ray founded in August of 1997 after several years of casting in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has partnered with veteran casting director Scott Globus. Seeing the possibilities for an on-line service, Maria hopes will continue to increase the efficiency and ease of finding and booking talent. For more, email Maria at

Maria Ray and Nicole Hampton
Cynthia with Maria Ray and Nicole Hampton
The process of booking a job goes something like this: A company wants a commercial. They contact an advertising agency who develops a concept. The advertising agency contracts with a production company to make the commercial. Either the advertising agency or the production company, sometimes both, contract with a casting company to find the talent. The casting directors contact the agents as well as some of their personal favorite actors to come in and read. Casting directors choose the best candidate to show to the client and the client makes the final decision, sometimes with the help of the casting director.

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