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Voice Overs

Not all celebrities have to wear dark glasses when they go out in public. People who make their living by their voices may be know to millions, but go virtually unrecognized until they open their mouths.

When you are listening to the radio or you see a scene on the big screen and hear a voice do you ever wonder who is the face behind the voice? How about when you are watching a cartoon or animated film, don’t you wonder who are the talented voices that create the characters? We call this kind of acting “Voice-overs” and it can provide a very lucrative career in the entertainment industry.

Do you think you have an interesting voice and want to know how you can pursue a career in voice-over? Today’s Starstyle® The Business of Showbusiness is all about this part of the industry called voice-overs. We are interviewing two of the premier voice-over talents in the business, Lucille Bliss and Susan McCollom.

Susan McCollom ( was born and raised in Cleveland and until age 30 spent her entertainment career as a singer and dancer on Broadway, even appearing on The Ed Sulivan Show. While appearing in corporate videos and movies, she discoverd the world of voice-overs...a world where it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you look like. For the past 10 years she has also been helpiing others hone their dreams in the voice over world with her state of the art company...voice media.

Susan McCollom
Susan McCollom

Lucille Bliss is a living legend. If you’ve watched any cartoons in the last 30 years, you’ve heard Lucille Bliss, the woman of a thousand voices. She is the voice of the wicked stepsister, Anastasia in Walt Disney’s Cinderella, she’s Crusader Rabbit, one of the Bamm Bamm’s on The Flintstones, Snoopy in Space Kidettes, Elroy Jetson and, of course, the lone female character, Smurfette on The Smurfs.

Lucille Bliss
Lucille Bliss

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