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Managers and Teen Actors

Episode #9

Managers and Teen Actors

What are managers and how do they differ from agents? Does your child need an acting coach and what does an on-set coach do? Can you have a normal life and still be a teen actor?

Starstyle® The Business of Showbusiness takes you behind the scenes with one of our industry’s most renowned acting coaches and managers specializing in children, and an award winning teenager who has been acting and modeling since she was 3 days old.

Gary Spatz has been the on-set acting coach on such shows as Roseanne, Sister Sister, The Jeff Foxworthy Show and Smart Guy. He has also worked on several Disney productions including The Mickey Mouse Club and Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Gary specializes in coaching kids and has coached actors starring in such shows as Felicity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Full House, Beverly Hills 90210, Jurassic Park and many, many more.

Gary Spatz
Gary Spatz

Heather Brittany was on her first set at 3 days old, has done national commercials, graced the covers of magazines, had the privilege of slapping Hugh Grant, doing cartwheels with Robin Williams, and is the co-host of Animal Cuts both on national television as well as radio. She was named the National 4-H Young Achiever of the Year by the International Leadership Conference for academic achievement, citizenship, leadership, acting ability, community service and most important for her work with animals. She is the founder of Pets in Poverty and wants to continue acting throughout her life.

Heather Brittany
Cynthia with Heather Brittany

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