In her Amazon Short, "The Blessings of Love and Relationships", Cynthia Brian  openly discusses her own childhood as well as being a mom in today's world, sharing tips on how all of us can be the parents we always wished we had.

"Cynthia Brian's insight,
stories, and encouragement
all bundled together in one
perfect parenting manual is
the only book that all new
parents should be given right
after they are handed their
new baby."
Jill Murphy Long,
Author of Permission to Nap,
Permission to Party,
and Permission to Play

Read a wonderful review by Bud Blianch, The Common Sense Guy

WCSK Radio 90.3 Kingsport TN, Radio Interview with Joan Bryden on "Turn the Page", Listen here:



















































































Cynthia Brian is working on her new book:

Be the Star You Are!
Daddy's Hands, Mommy's Heart, Children's Memories:
The 9 Blessings of Family
A tribute to great parents everywhere

If you grew up with one or both parents who were role models to you and you would like to write a short tribute to them describing why they were so wonderful or give an example from a fabulous experience, Cynthia is seeking stories from kids of any age around the world who want to extol the virtues of their parents. This book will be a compilation of celebrity and ordinary people's stories with the goal being that the book will be a portrait of what a great parent looks like as expressed through the eyes of a child. Stories should be 200 words to 1200 words.

In THE 9 BLESSINGS OF FAMILY, the Nine Blessings of Family, Cynthia pays tribute to great parents everywhere while showing readers how they too can be caring custodians of the children in their lives. Other books give you rules to parenting; THE 9 BLESSINGS OF FAMILY paints a picture of excellent parenting through the personal stories shared so that the reader will be gently guided to be the best father or mother imaginable.

THE 9 BLESSINGS OF FAMILY shares 9 "blessings". They include:

*The blessings of Values and Morals

*The blessings of Respect and Discipline

*The blessings of Traditions and Rituals

*The blessings of Health and Wealth

*The blessings of Work and Play

*The blessings of Education and Career

*The blessings of Support and Listening

*The blessings of Time and Energy

If you were raised by fabulous parents and have a specific event or tribute to share, send your anecdote or story (200-1200 words) as detailed below.


By email to:

Please include a 50 word bio of yourself, your name, address, phone number and email address

Cynthia Brian is working on her new book:

Gabbing With Gurus

Candid Conversations with the Masters of Today

How would you like to sit with a cup of tea and have a genuine, unrehearsed, face to face conversation with a great master of our time? What would you want to know? Since 1998 Cynthia Brian has had the privilege of interviewing some of the greatest thinkers, writers, speakers, and philosophers on the planet on her popular radio program, Starstyle Be the Star You Are!  In her newest book, "Gabbing with Gurus", you will hear the voices of the experts as they candidly speak with humor, hope, and healing.  Each chapter is distilled from actual archived radio interviews.  You値l be enthralled, awed, and captivated as these esteemed leaders discuss their professional and personal lives, loves, and longings . You値l get to know these individuals as real people, mere mortals who have struggled, survived, and thrived. You値l meet the legends of finance, personal growth, spirituality, health, wealth, and business.

Combining a happy personal life with a successful career has always been an icon of the American Dream. "Gabbing with Gurus " serves up the answers to the questions we致e all been asking about being humans in training. You値l be fast tracked to the top of your game without having to spend countless hours, days, months, or years searching the bookshelves for advice and explanations. With Cynthia痴 gift of gab, you are the beneficiary of the knowledge and experiences of these intellectual giants as they divulge their secrets and strategies to fulfillment and joy. You will re-define the parameters of your accomplishments as you incorporate these diamonds of wisdom into your work and play.   The path to success awaits you in the pages of "Gabbing with Gurus."  You値l laugh, you値l cry, you値l learn you are not alone. So grab your cup and join our tea party.  Miracles and magic are moments away!

The compendium includes discussions with visionaries such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Bernie Siegel, Dr. Phil, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Richard Nelson Bolles, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Robert Kiyosaki, Neale Donald Walsh, Ken Blanchard, Eckhart Tolle and numerous other enlightened guides.  (For a list of the possibilities, see Guru list at the end of this document.

A Sampling of what the Gurus say:

"Cynthia Brian's advice will make a big difference in your life, so you can have more fulfillment and fun everyday." 
Deepak Chopra

"I have been interviewed by thousands of interviewers and Cynthia Brian is one of four of the top interviewers in the country today.  I feel like we are two bodies in one soul."  
Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

"Lots of people try and write your book. Yours was warm and real. Many of the others are not. You are from the heart. They are from their heads. Thank you for your gift of words, you touched my heart." 
Dr. Bernie Siegal, author of Prescriptions for Life and Love, Medicine and Miracles

"Cynthia Brian provides  steps to help you get closer to your divine self and share the blessings that have been bestowed upon you." Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love is Letting Go of Fear and Shortcuts to God 

"Cynthia Brian confirms that the star that you are shines from within." 
Dr. Denis Waitley, author  of Seeds of Greatness" and The Psychology of Winning

"Lessons for living at the celestial level straight from the heart." 
Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of  Wisdom of the Ages and The Sky is the Limit

"This is a book that you can take action with in as little as five minutes. I say "go for it," you deserve to be....the Star You Are!" 
David L. Bach, best selling author of Smart Women Finish Rich

"One of the highest experiences I have ever had was being interviewed by Cynthia Brian on her radio program, StarstyleョBe the Star You Are!. Cynthia's energy and enthusiasm for life helps every one of her listeners be a STAR." 
Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"This wonderful book shows you how to release more of the incredible potential that you already have, deep within you. It is a handbook for happiness and personal joy!" 
Brian Tracy, author of  Life is a Journey and The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

"What a GREAT service to all who wish to grow personally and professionally! Cynthia Brian balances style with substance to help you make the journey from success to significance." 
Nido Quebein, author of How to be a Great Communicator

"What痴 the best way to become the star you are ? Ask one! And, in my book, that痴 Cynthia Brian!" 
T. Scott Gross, author of Borrowed Dreams and Absolutely Outrageous Service

Cynthia Brian is working on her new book:

Weed Water

How to make your own fabulously flavored waters for almost FREE!

Cynthia Brian is working on her new book:

You Make the Money, I'll Make the Meaning

A Couples Guide to balancing finances with significance


Be the Star You Are!
Books in the Series:

*Be the Star You Are! for TEENS
*99 Gifts for Living, Loving,  Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference
*Daddy's Hands, Mommy's Heart, Children's Memories: The 9 Blessings of Family
*Gabbing With Gurus - Candid Conversations With the Masters of Today
*Weed Water-How to make your own fabulously flavored waters for almost FREE!
*You Make the Money, I'll Make the Meaning-A Couples Guide to balancing finances with significance

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